Organic Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut as used to be known then, has remained a popular and affectionate name in the confectionery Industry the world over.

Sri Lankan Desiccated Coconut is famous for its unique taste and as result is rated as a Quality Product in the World.

Made from pure Coconut Meat without oil extraction in conformity Desiccated Coconut is shredded, dried and unsweetened fresh meat or kernel of mature fruit of Coconut.


Product Feature

  • Desiccated Coconut is perfect for various industries that require the exhilarating feel of natural fiber in the product such as confectionery, Bakery Product, Frozen Food Industry Food Processing, Food Service Industry, Consumer Products industry


  • Desiccated Coconut is offered in the following grades based on the particle size.
    Medium grade (High Fat)
    Fine grade (High & Low Fat)
    Chips Grade (High Fat)
    Thread Grade (High Fat)

Regular Cuts

  • Medium: Used in fillings for candy bars, toppings for cakes and pastries, and ingredients for institutional foods, cereals, and cookies. Fine. Very fine grains of desiccated coconut used for cakes, pastries, cookies and biscuits.

Special Cuts

  • Chips, Flakes, Threads, Shreds CLASSIFICATIONS
    Flake: (1/2 -1 inch lengths) Used for bakery toppings, coconut tea, decorations and confectionery centers.
    Chip: Used for specialty confectionery snack packs Shred: Used for bakery toppings and decorations.

End Application Use

  • Fillers inside Chocolate Bars
  • Ingredients in biscuits, Toffees & Chocolates
  • Cake decorations
  • Bakery Industry
  • Snacks
  • Frozen Food Industry, Ice Cream


  • 7kg, 8kg, 25kg, 50kg, in 4 ply Kraft Paper bags with inner polythene Other packing types can be customized based on customers requirement.


  • Pure White Coconut Meat

Storage & Shelf Life

  • 12 months from the date of Manufacture Store in a clean, dry and away from sunlight at an ambient tropical temperature 27’C to 30’C degrees Celsius.

Desiccated coconut, made by shredding dried coconut meat, helps infuse tropical flavor into your meals. It also offers nutritional value that supports tissue health.

Calories650 Cal/2720 kj
Total Fat63 – 68 g
Saturated Fat47.5g
Cholesterol0 mg
Total Carbs.22.5 g
Dietary Fiber13.5 g
Sugars5.8 g
Serving Per 100g